Our Concept

Max cleans up after playtime.
Today, we live in a world of sharp edges and harsh solutions, filled with technology that promotes continual chatter, almost to the exclusion of meaningful communication. We live in a world of microwaves that rapidly heat a meal, restaurants that let us pull up to a window and pass food to us, and constant and insistent communication through handheld devices. Is it no wonder, in this environment, we want immediate results when we train our dogs?

Television does not help with this growing impatience within society. After all, complex crimes are solved in an hour, medical miracles are achieved before end credits, and whole home rebuilds or remodels are done within half an hour. We are shown dogs who have serious behavioral problems "trained" out of them within minutes. It shouldn't be that hard to fix a problem or train a trick to a dog within half an hour, right?

A generation ago, the television program, Kung Fu, showed, through a small series of images, that the mastering of martial arts was not achieved in an hour, but over a lifetime. It continued to show that even after studying the concepts of the Tao during Caine's early years, he continued to learn and master them for the remainder of his life. He was a lifelong student who had been taught to learn, not through force, but through exploration and guidance.

That is the principal I take into dog training. I want your dog to know how to learn, to continue to explore and try new things, not because you forced him too, but because you were guiding him.

At Tao Service Dogs, we assist with selection, public access training, and task training of your new partner. We also offer lectures on training your own service dog, housing and business rights and responsibilities in relation to service dog access.

We are a fusion program that helps disabled owners train their own dogs. The benefits of this program are many.  The disabled owner not only gains the benefits of assistance from the dog as the dog learns, but has an experienced trainer who assists them with trouble shooting training and behavioral issues.  They also have the advantage of having a professional evaluating the dog's ability to continue training for the final goal of becoming a working public access dog.

Some disabled handlers may choose not to have a dog work in public with them, but help them at home where they need it the most.  Those handlers can also benefit from our program.

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