About Us

Trainer:  Charlie K Bales APDT #82422

I have loved dogs all of my life.  As a child I was the one designated to train our pet dogs and spent hours reading on the "latest" method for dog training.  When my first German Shepherd came into my life I read books on how to properly raise a German Shepherd and spent hours training her how to do her basic commands and play fetch with me.  I was twelve at the time and though I didn't know it, the one method I used that worked the best with her is now the method I use for all of my dogs; I used positive reinforcement to gain the behaviors I wanted.

When I adopted my current service dog, Max, I realized not only his potential to become a working service dog for me, but my limitations in teach complex behaviors.  This didn't deter me from learning. I joined classes at Diamonds in the Ruff and began reading online about positive reinforcement training, service dog law, service dog training and anything that would lead to a positive outcome of Max and I's new adventure.

Max taught me a great deal about dog training and looking for the tiny behaviors that will lead to a final polished outcome.  I found other positive reinforcement trainers to communicate with, groups to join and learn more about dog training and discovered Sue Ailsby's Training Levels: Steps to Success.

It is my dream to aid individuals who need the assistance of a service dog by teaching them force free, positive reinforcement methods to train their dogs.  The benefit for both the handler and the dog will lead to a life-time bond of trust and love.

I recommend all of my clients to take classes at Diamonds in the Ruff to not only join a group of like minded people, but also to have the experience of working in a group setting with talented trainers to aid in the learning process.

I am the Assistance Dog Training & Support specialist at Diamonds in the Ruff, assist with pet dog training classes and provide regular consultation for training service dogs.  Tao Service Dogs is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers which ensures I use only positive methods training dogs.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers since 2013.  I continue to expand my education and make contacts with other positive reinforcement trainers to improve my skill set and understanding of dog behavior.

Demo Dogs:


Max is a German Shepherd who has his own blog.  Please follow Max's story on his blog to learn more about this amazing pup.


Malcolm is a German Shepherd puppy learning to become a service dog.  He will step into Max's paw prints.  He too has his own blog which you can follow and learn what it takes to build a service dog from the ground up.